Thursday, 25 November 2010

Unexpected rainy day project

It's been raining a lot recently. So aside from digging out a few tree stumps for the new guest yurt platform, raking leaves into piles to rot down for a year or two, fencing the horse field, building a brash hedge from blackthorn to keep out the Chasse (after one of our pigs was brought down by two cute-looking terriers), moving gravel to keep down the mud, building kitchen cabinets, coppicing the woodland behind our yurt, collecting water containers to catch the rain, hay to feed the horse and all that fun stuff, we've redesigned and rewritten the website. Which now looks like this.

Dull it never is, this life we have chosen.


dND said...

Ah, down time! Seriously though, does the work ever stop if you have animals and a farm? I'm currently cutting, splitting and storing logs and preparing staging for the polytunnel in the down time while the ground is just too wet to put up more fencing, and have just discovered 2 leaks in the roof which I'll have to fix too.
But as you say, it's never dull and having the time to watch the falcons, deer etc. is priceless.

Congrats on your Observer mention - I hope it brings a fully booked site for you next year.


the devolutionary said...

Thanks Deborah. I'm actually going to have a day off tomorrow, if I can count adding meta, mega, soopa-doopa tags to the pages of the new website. This morning I just had a gentle bonfire which, as you know, is always far more exhausting than you think it's going to be. Now I'm off to do battle with the blackthorn again. I just wish I had fewer holes in my gloves...