Thursday, 5 August 2010

More on heating

Obviously, with the sun shining and the prospect of months of beautiful weather ahead, we're thinking about heating the guest yurt. (Although maybe it would be more obvious if you knew about the guests we might be having in November.)

Her Outdoors did a bit of research and came up with this little beauty from Windy Smithy:

(I'd have given them the order for the name alone.)


Anonymous said...

the place looks just wonderful guys.
Sorry/Delighted to hear you're fully booked this year. Can we book for next?

Alex Crowe said...

Course you can.

We only have one confirmed booking for next year so far. Like our first booking this year, from Wales. And for added excitement, bringing along a 10-month old baby.

Also, next year we'll have two yurts to choose from - one coppiced ash and one coppiced chestnut. Send us an email when you're ready.