Monday, 12 July 2010

And finally

On July 11th 2010, écovallée was open at last.

There's that tractor I killed:

That mirror used to be in our yurt:

This guy can hardly draw at all:

Wait until you see the compost toilet. No, I mean it.


cathy said...


I'm proud of you guys, you did it!!! Makes me feel like taking a vacation in Lalinde, it's beautiful.

May all of your dreams continue to come true, Cathy

Alex Crowe said...

Thanks Cathy. Things are incredibly slow to manifest around here, as you know all too well. (I made the mistake of asking for more customers than I know what to do with a few weeks ago and have had to say 'No' to a few - when will I learn?)

Everything does look great. We've got loads more to do, but years and years to do it. Right now we're working on the banister for the play yurt...