Monday, 29 March 2010

Highs and lows

We've been on an emotional rollercoaster this last week. Wow.


Pete Madstone said...

Hey A!

I am still working on that thing about your blog being depressing. That doesn't apply here, does it? Roller coasters are supposed to be fun...

I do hope you are well and detached enough to feel your joy in there, and I wanted to teel you I have another blog at

You might enjoy it!



Alex Crowe said...

Thanks Pete. We've just had to go back over the history of how we got where we are, and see another load of people get upset by the apparent injustice of it all, etc. Just to be informed, we had a valuation on the land which falls a long way short of what we paid (whatever that means - we've got a great piece of land we didn't have before - and the money was all theoretical anyway). We wondered if we should stay or go - all that 'fun' stuff - and drove around a bit looking at other places (The Lot is nice, if you're ever that way).

Finally, we got to wake up (literally - it was morning) relaxed. Here is where we are. We don't know why, but there must be a Very Good Reason. Today we've both been out doing proper farming stuff: me on a tractor, ploughing, then bashing in fence posts; Her Outdoors has been planting. All is as it should be.

Now I'll go and check out your blog. If I leave a comment, I'll make it a shorter one.

Pete Madstone said...

My Gawd, man! The number of times Cathy and me went through the same thing, been cheated and ripped by the French and their functionaires - blame, disatisfaction, should we sell-out and move. Even looked at property elsewhere. Somehow acceptance made a difference - but you cannot measure an intagible like acceptance until it is well done and finished, and you are able to reflect.

So, each time we thought we had accepted, those old issues would arise again, and we would say - Let's get out! It hasn't happened in a long time, so I guess something is different now... Of course we don't know where this dream will take us, but at least we have given ourselves time and space to finally live.

And just to be sure you know, I haven't dropped my Madstone Blog, just running two now - different, but similar ;D

Peace, my friend!

Alex Crowe said...

Hey. You're supposed to be sleeping. Happy landings!

Pete Madstone said...