Monday, 8 June 2009

Champagne cocktail

So we got Planning Permission last week. Which means we can now buy the smallest, ugliest 'house' in the world (‘now’ in a pretty loose sense – ‘on Thursday at 2pm’ being more precise). Which means we will soon be moving into our own yurts on our own land (we have some fairly major reconstructive surgery to do first, including adding an unnecessary sewerage system and building a kitchen and bathroom) and open the business we brought with us nearly two years ago.

(How time files, as our paperwork will testify.)

Hardened drinkers will recognise that a bottle of cheap sparkling wine-type stuff was definitely in order. Which I discovered to my surprise and delight can be made more enjoyable and longer lasting with the addition of some equally cheap mixed fruit juice. Who knew?


Rup said...

Congratulations Al and Clare.
Very happy for you.


dND said...

Congratulations and I can vouch for sparkling wine with a shot of elderflower cordial too :-)

devolutionary said...

Thanks Rup. It only took three years. I just went round to a friend's house to use his machine to blog the 'house' purchase - and left the blog on my desktop at home... Grrr.

Deborah, you just beat me to it. We toasted said 'house' purchase the other day with HFW's elderflower champagne recipe. Very easy> Very tasty (if a bit sweet).