Wednesday, 4 February 2009

How to make a neolithic knife holder

It’s very easy to lose things in the woods. Leaves blow around. You wander off, distracted perhaps by a large bird of prey landing in the chicken orchard and think you’ve come back to the same place - only you haven’t. And it’s important not to lose things like your trusty kitchen knife.

Fortunately, as you may have guessed by the headline, I’ve re-devised a simple solution to this ages-old problem using authentic neolithic techniques.

First, dig a hole around (or a square – your choice) 50cm deep. (You’ll want to pile the soil somewhere nearby – you’ll be needing it later.)

Place a sturdy piece of acacia (or similar – something that’s not going to rot down too quickly) in the hole, ensuring it is vertical on all sides, and ram the earth (I did say you'd need it) back where it came from.

You'll never lose your knife again.

If you like, you can create holders for a number of other tools and items of clothing.

Or use your collection of posts to support a children’s play yurt with an unobstructed view of écovallée.

More on this, later.

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