Tuesday, 14 October 2008

You know that scene in Shawshank Redemption?

The one where Morgan Freeman is asked if he's rehabilitated and he goes off on one about what it means to be rehabilitated?

We had a meeting with the mayor last night that was a bit like that.

Before going in, Her Outdoors said she had Absolutely No Confidence that anything good was going to come out of it, even though Our Hero Daniel has managed to persuade our neighbour to part with two pieces of adjoining land, one of which has a kind of shack thing on it, and that's why we were seeing the mayor.

Then the mayor said: 'OK. You can do everything. (Everything! Live in the yurts on our land! Have up to 20 guests in yurts next summer!) My team will push it through and Planning can't refuse.'

It's a good scene. Mind you, it's a good film.


dND said...

Well done and Good Luck


Rupert Hughes said...

Fantastic news Al! Really pleased for you. We may be doing something similar soon as yesterday I was offered a large amount of money to go away from work and never return.

Have much enjoyed your posts over last few months, sorry that they are necessarily less frequent at the moment.

Perhaps we will come and visit in the new year.

love to you all

devolutionary said...

Good news all round, Rup. I've always said everyone should leave their job at least once a year just to stay fresh - even better when they offer you money to leave the building. We'd love to have you out here!

dnd, thanks. It's the start of the process now - first thing we need to do is find 25,000 euros. Hmn. Maybe I should be speaking to Rup about this...

daveq said...

great news!!!!

Café del Nightmare said...


Jo said...

general running around and loud whooping noises currently happening in our small Brighton home . . . well done!

Big grins from us all!

Jo said...

PS: "ridiculously low price for booking ahead?"

Sign us up! Will gladly shovel sh*t in return . . . .