Thursday, 7 August 2008


First there was one.
Then two.
Three for quite a few days.
And today, for the first time, four.

We may never buy eggs again.


dND said...

There's no going back now! Home produced eggs are just so much better aren't they?

Found you through Hedgewizard btw. I'm around 45 mins south of you near Cancon on a slightly different track towards self sufficiency.

This year's been a bit tough but there is always next year.

Good luck in your project,

devolutionary said...

Thanks Deborah - and welcome. The first egg I cracked had a double yolk. Never seen that before (or since - yet - apparently very good for kids).

dND said...

I had the same here but none since.

funny though because I remember having them often as a child - really great for dipping marmite soldiers in.