Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Picture post: Lalinde

Thought I'd show you a bit more about where we live - a few doors down from this Off Licence:

Which is a few doors down from the patisserie:

Which faces the square:

Near the tourist info office:

Which overlooks the bridge:

Near the chateau:

Not very far at all from our favourite restaurant:

(As opposed to the ice cream place next to the posh restaurant):

About 80 metres (yards) the playground:

It's not exactly Streatham, but we think it's all the better for that.


Simon Hilton said...


Jim Handrigan said...

Hello hello!
Wonderful photos and the descriptions that illustrate the great writer in you. Looks like you're doing fine. Looking for furniture? Don't forget Craig's List!
I got a job as Design Coordinator at Redleaf Press (www.redleafpress.org) which is part of Resources for Child Care (www.resourcesforchildcare.org), an early child development non-profit. I start on Wed., Sept 26 (full moon, dontcha know) I'll be designing books which is what I wanted to do if I'm to continue designing things.
I hope to see you all soon! Looks like a lovely place! I've got to get Jen to looking at you blog so we might do something drastic and fun!
Much Love,

devolutionary said...

Simon, j'attend. Jim - sounds just the job! Are you still doing the Cranky Yankee? I'm still keeping a close eye on the monkey business on your side of the water, but lack your insight... Love to Jen and Ian, as always.