Wednesday, 27 June 2007

A blog for the hard of reading

I can't help noticing that I use more words than other bloggers. So here's the story in pictures.

We're selling this:

To buy this:

And this:

And lots of this:

To live in this:

With some of these for guests:

One of which we're putting in this:

And dragging behind this:

To France. On the 25th. Of next month.


Alpha Mum :-P said...

Pictures. I like the pictures.

They help to make it more like it's really happening and real and a little less like the interweb ramblings of some strangely afflicted manic halfwit who aspires to change their life completely within the shortest timespan imaginable, sweeping innocents along in your wake . . . .

devolutionary said...

What am I going to do with all my words, though? I've got loads of them here...

rockmother said...

I'm liking the school project display approach. Gets to the point.

devolutionary said...

Romo, I stole it from your tidying your flat post - but I couldn't provide such excellent artwork. x